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Do you need a locksmith in London?

1st Metropolitan is the local firm with the resources of a national company. We combine the attentiveness of the store next door with the facilities of a major chain.

Our head office is position in the heart of North London and serves customers all over the capital. The fact that we’re positioned in the heart of the city means we can offer quick turnaround times plus peace of mind.

When you choose us as your locksmith, you know we will be at your door within a matter of minutes to secure your premises, and to let you back inside.


Have you been locked out?

You need an emergency locksmith that can visit you at any time of the day or night. We cover everything from front doors to safes and windows. If you have any type of lock, we can attend to it.

Here’s how it works:

1. Give us a call whenever you want. Our offices are open all day and all night.
2. Tell us what’s happened and your location.
3. We’ll give you a quote over the phone and how long it should take us to solve the problem.
4. Agree to the quote and we’ll send an emergency locksmith out to you.
5. Our professional locksmith will do the job quickly and efficiently.

We’re known for arriving at London homes and businesses in under an hour. The problems we can address are not limited to simply losing your keys. We can deal with broken locks, snapped keys, and faulty locking mechanisms. There’s no problem we can’t address.

View more on our locksmith service.

Need replacement keys?


We primarily provide locksmith services in London. Our firm also offers a full range of key cutting services across the UK. The best part is you can order your new keys online. It only takes minutes to fill in the forms.

Our key cutters deal with all types of keys, from keys for your front door to small drawer keys at home. Find out more about our online key cutting service and you’ll soon have a set of brand new keys travelling to your home.

View more on our online key cutting service.

Proper security – the electronic way


Electronic security is far more effective at keeping you safe than a standard lock tumbler. More and more people are investing in them. If you want to bolster your security and make thieves think twice, allow us to install an access control or intercom mechanism.

An access control security option presents you with a key or swipe card that you can use to gain access to a facility. Businesses can choose from options like swipe cards, fops, and electronic number codes.

Intercom systems give you direct control over who can enter your business. Two-way conversation and video links enable you to see who’s at the door and choose whether or not to let them in.

They don’t cost nearly as much as you’d expect. Get in touch with us online or via snail mail for a bespoke quote!

View more on our access control and intercom systems.

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Vetted and accredited by Safecontractor

Vetted and accredited by Safecontractor
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Vetted and accredited by Constructionline
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Member of ALOA Locksmiths' Assoc.